Although revolutionary in many ways, the Internet Computer will always have a need for new improvement proposals and left to our own devices, getting a proposal voted on by the NNS will be costly if rejected at best and difficult to find developer adoption if accepted at worst.

Say we all have our own method for minting tokens or NFTs, should we all individually make "motion" proposals for new standards to the NNS? How will other developers know to use that standard if the motion passes? And why should so many of us pay NNS fees on trying to solve the same problem if they get rejected?

OpenCan aims to provide developers with a mechanism for drafting, collaborating, and agreeing on such proposals so that we can align on them prior to the step of actually making the final proposal to the NNS.

Once accepted, guides and examples to integrate these new standards in your applications will be posted here as a central source of truth for further Internet Computer development.

What we need help with

We are currently a small team of volunteers. Please help make development easier on the Internet Computer by contributing to this repo any of these items:

  • Standards you think should be included
  • Methods of collaboration on reviewing developer-proposed standards
  • Methods of decentralizing OpenCan process & governance (how will developer-proposed standards move to the NNS, how can incentives be aligned for developer-proposers, editors, and reviewers)