Getting Started


Install the beta version of the DFINITY Canister SDK

DFX_VERSION=0.7.0-beta.8 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL" 

Get Started

With NPM:

npx create-ic-app


After the setup is done

cd test-project
npm install
Start the backend

dfx start --background
dfx canister create --all
dfx build
dfx canister install --all
Start the frontend

npm run dev
Thats it! The counter demo is persisted on your local Internet Computer.


[Experimental] Watch mode for canisters

This will auto build and install your canisters whenever you make a change to them

npm run watch


Adding / Removing / Renaming Canisters

You will have to edit 3 files:

  • dfx.json
  • tsconfig.json
  • src/agent.ts

More detailed instructions later. For now see how it's done in those files for the example counter canister.

Deploying Asset Canister

Run the following commands

dfx build
dfx canister install --all --mode=reinstall
Then grab the asset canister ID from the output. Shown here: Screenshot

Now you can visit the following url in your browser to see it running on your local internet computer:


Community templates / Contributions

Want to contribute your own template? Find something that could be improved? Repo is open for PRs! Happy to assist you in this. You'll receive full credit for your contribution of course.


@ferMartz (React JS + Tailwind template)